Your First Steps

Congratulations!  You’ve taken the first step in reclaiming your life!  Whether it’s the life you had prior to your depression diagnosis, or the life you wish you could achieve, recovering from depression is hard work, and recovery will take dedication and daily effort.  I created this blog to help others suffering from depression retake control of their lives, and live every day fully.

So what can Living FWD do for you?  How can we help you live fully, as it were?  First, we’re going to provide you with resources you can actually use, any time you like.  Links to resources online and in your community, lists that can help you with daily functioning, and articles for inspiration when you’re feeling down.  We also hope to have guest writers provide their experience with depression.  When we share our stories, we begin to understand ourselves all the more.

We empathize.  Depression sucks.  But we also know that recovery is possible and life after depression does exist.  Whether you feel a constant gloom, or you physically cannot leave your bed at times, every person’s experience with this illness is valid.  You may feel you don’t have it as bad as someone else, or you may be at the lowest point in your life.  Here, we all struggle with the heavy weight depression places on us.  And now that you are here, we are here for you.  Welcome to Living Fully With Depression, or Living FWD.  We’re glad you’re here.